Frank’s Diner

Franks Diner has been featured on The Food Network channel, and has also been featured on local news stations. They are no stranger to celebrities, the candelabra man himself Liberace has graced them with a visit. With this type of popularity, it is hard not to be curious.

As we approached the diner, I loved seeing the brick on the outside and the vintage diner sign. Once you walk into the door, you are inside this little area is like a screened in porch but is brick, there are a few stairs that you climb. Once you are at the top of the stairs, you slide the door open (just like a train car) once the door closes behind you you feel a shift. It is as if you were riding a train and you enter the dining cart.

 You’re transported back into a time when tv was black and white, the world seemed simpler and this diner was the local place to be. You’ll notice right away how small it is and how crowded they are. From the moment you walk in the doors there are signs reminding you to be nice, have manners show some respect. They are not hiding the fact that they are always busy or that there is a long wait.. They are unapologetic about it, not in a rude way though. It’s a proud thing for them, they just ask that you are not a jerk about it and it is what it is. The kitchen is right there with a cook reading tickets and serving up dishes and she knows her stuff.

The day I visited I had my two boys and best friend in tow. We went on a Saturday around noon, it was packed and had a mixed sound of people speaking,and the cook scolding poor penmanship “I can’t read this ticket, whoever wrote this needs to write it again.”Tthe man in charge telling us patrons and I’ll loosely translate “ we are really happy you showed up, you’ve seen us on tv, or on Facebook or just heard about us and we love you for it. Please eat and enjoy our good food and kindly get up and leave so the next group can have the same experience.” He meant it and I was like alright this is going to be amazing. We waited an hour not upset at all about it.

My kids did great waiting to be seated. Right when we sat down we weren’t rushed as I expected because they are very busy. The wonderful server addressed my kids and asked if they liked dinosaurs. My boys replied yes and just like that he disappeared. I looked at my friend and she shared the confused look. Within seconds he came back with dinosaurs to keep my boys busy while the food came. It is just those little gestures that make it more special and warmed my heart.

We did Mimosas for ourselves, apple juice for my oldest and water for my youngest. Since Frank’s is known for their garbage plate my friend opted for their chorizo garbage plate half order (it was so big I was afraid to ask what a full order looked like).

My kids split a Mickey Mouse pancake, because right now this is the happiest place on earth! I did their Wow burger deluxe with cheese. Everything was “smack your Mama” good. Their portion sizes are fantastic! After our bellies were full and we got everything in a Togo container we went to the register and paid. We thanked them and left this little piece of nostalgia and went back to the present. Frank’s Diner is everything and then some! Please go visit.

Few tips:

1. They’re cash only, if you forget there is an ATM

2. Prepare for a long wait, bring toys for your kids and wear comfy shoes it’s standing room only

3. If you don’t want to wait in a long line go right when they open, we were told that’s the best and avoid weekends.

4. Parking is across the street, it’s free and there is plenty of it.

5. Take it all in, it’s amazing!

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