Must haves for a cruise

Take an over packer, type A personality and tell them you are putting them on a ship for a week. No access to stores for “just in case”. It is like moving into a new home, but it is temporary.

I definitely make sure I am prepared and comfortable to my liking. I like to call this, they Carrie Bradshaw closet; because our cabin is not that big and I find clever ways to make sure we are all unpacked and fit.
Here are my essentials:

  1. Extension cord- you will find that the number of outlets are limited, this will make it easier for everyone involved
  2. Renuzit (or any air freshener) – cabins are small spaces and the bathroom is even smaller. To keep the cabin fresh I buy a cheap air freshener that I do not mind discarding at the end of the trip.
  3. Hot pad- Usually you have to do your hair at the vanity in the main cabin and not the bathroom. Due to this, I worry about leaving my flat Iron directly on the counter and I don’t trust leaving it in the drawer that has the holes built in. I purchased a hot pad that I found at Target. That way I unplug and let it cool on that before storing it away.
  4. Spongeables Pedi scrub- 5+ washes. This is perfect for the shower. You can keep your feet clean and fresh and then discard it at the end of your cruise. If you have a 7 day cruise this should last, if not buy one more. I find them at Ulta.
  5. Lysol Travel Spray-another air freshener and disinfectant
  6. LED Night light- it gets dark in the cabin at night and we travel with our kids. This helps them not be afraid at night and allows them to find their way in the dark.
  7. Clorox Travel Wipes- before I unpack, I wipe down the cabin. I know the Steward does their job, but just so I can rest peacefully I know the germs have been killed. I even do the remote.
  8. Extra Hangers that you can leave behind. You will never get enough hangers, my advice bring some cheap ones you can leave behind.
  9. Downy Wrinkle Release-there are no irons on board. This helps get the wrinkles out of your dress that you are going to wear on Captains Night. It also helps keep your clothes smelling fresh. If you opt not to do your laundry during the cruise, we dedicate one suitcase to our dirty laundry. I spray the Downy Wrinkle Release on them to keep them from smelling gross.
  10. Baby Powder- If you have a beach location, nothing worse than sand on your feet or your kids. Use baby powder to remove the sand
  11. Water bottle/thermos- for your excursion days, instead of looking for an expensive bottle of water. Bring your own bottle fill it up before you leave your ship for the day.
  12. Thermos Container- Snacks are essential when you are traveling with kids, and on excursion days it may be a while before you get a solid meal. I pack a lot of snacks with us, but having fresh fruit is also nice for them to have. I take fruit from the ship and load it in the thermos and it stays cool up to 7 hours.
  13. I pack majority of my kid’s clothes in Ziploc bags and label them. If you do not do that, pack zip lock bags. They are great for the end of your pool days you can place wet suits in them. If you have water shoes and they are sandy, you can place them in there and that will prevent your items getting sand on them.
  14. Beach bag- I have a separate bag for the beach days, that way if sand gets in it, I can dust it out and it won’t get into my main luggage or purse.
  15. Bubbles- We stay in a cabin with a balcony, if you don’t go to the top deck. Give the kids bubbles, it’s a great way to kill time and allows some down time for you while you watch them play.
  16. Travel First Aid Kit
  17. LED mini Flash light
  18. Beach/pool toys- cheap toys that you won’t mind throwing away or giving away. We get ours from the dollar store.
  19. Travel Size Tide/ Downy- for longer cruises we do our laundry
  20. Bounce sheets-to place in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

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