Gavin Degraw Y’all!

I went to one of the best shows!! My feet still ache; I have not stopped raving about Gavin Degraw. I recently saw Gavin this past Saturday at The Ravinia Festival in Highland Park. He was as he said, “sandwiched in” the middle of the performers.

 It was a hot and humid night, and Gavin came out layered in a long sleeved shirt, with a t shirt underneath. His signature hat upon his head, I really wonder if he regretted this outfit choice the moment he stepped on stage. If you thought that was going to slow down the performance, you were wrong. Gavin SHOWED UP! He has the best stage presence, the attitude; facial expressions he really made sure to put on a show. He looked like he really enjoyed being there with us and we were all at one big party.

One point during the show Gavin came off stage, and walked up the aisle. He bantered with a few fans and graciously thanked a boyfriend for not beating him up when he sung to his girlfriend. Gavin continued up the aisle I was in, stopped and sang around a circle of fans. He then continued towards me.

I was able to reach my hand above the crowd and he asked my name and I told him how big of a fan I was. He didn’t stop there; Gavin went beyond the Pavilion area and went to the lawn to give the fans a chance to see him as well. Gavin’s show was amazing; it was so good that you forgot he was not the headliner. Next time you see Gavin coming to your town, make sure you get a ticket. You are welcome.

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