Saved by the Max

Located in Chicago, Illinois the hottest new pop up restaurant has made Wicker Park the coolest kid to be seen hanging out with. Remember that time when we had Saturday morning shows on NBC? When brighter the neon the better? How about having the fight with your friends over who gets Zack Morris, and AC Slater? Which one of your girlfriends were more like Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Tuttle or Jessie Spano?

If you can sing the theme song to Saved by the Bell (bonus for doing the moves during the opening credits) this is the spot for you.

When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning. Yes, that catchy song is stuck in my head as I tell you about this cool new spot to eat. Saved by the Max opened up and everyone wants to be part of this experience, the first wave of tickets sold out in 6 minutes. I was lucky enough to snag a late night dinner for two. If you are looking for a mom night out, date night with your love, please grab a ticket for here.

Meet you by my locker K?

I approached SBTM and saw “The Max” neon sign. I got goose bumps; Saved by The Bell was my favorite show growing up. I loved the clothes, the cute boys that they cast and who didn’t want to be Lisa Tuttle or Kelly Kapowski? I am a fanatic; I can quote lines from the episodes, see a scene and instantly know what the whole show was about. I can even sing the Zack Attack songs, and the cheers the girls did. When you walk through the door Kelly’s locker is there to greet you. You find her pom poms, sneakers and books in the locker. A few lockers down you will see AC Slater’s locker.

“There’s no hope with Dope.”-Saved by the Bell Cast

As you walk down the graffiti hall, you will turn and see The Max right in front of you. The place is amazing; it is like you walked on set. NBC was kind of enough to donate items to SBTM. They even gave the staff exclusive The Max T-shirts that was only for the show. The room has TV’s all over the place playing episodes of Saved by The Bell. It was fantastic. I was lucky enough to see an episode where The Max was featured and saw my seat on TV! It can’t get more surreal. I really thought the gang was going to stop in any moment and sit down.

“Hey, what’s going on here?!”- Mr. Belding

I really need to take a moment and talk about the décor. It is an experience. They took everything from the show and put it in this restaurant. There is Mr. Belding’s office that has his diploma, picture of his son Zack Belding (remember the episode where he was born and they used AC’s jersey to wrap baby Zack?). There were trophies, even a fake fern. As I looked over every detail of his office, all I could say to myself was, “You really paid attention”. As I took it all in I really thought Mr. Belding was going to scold me for snooping.


Yes, they have the jukebox and it does have the infamous A12 and it will play along with other favorite songs from the show. The DJ booth is also there and behind it, is more seating. If you happen to go when it is crowded just make sure you are respecting your fellow preppy.

Who’re you calling a cantaloupe, you melon head? “-Screech
With all the excitement of being at The Max, you might forget this is really a Pop up Diner. Don’t be nervous, they didn’t put all the effort in the décor and nothing in the menu.

They put a lot of effort in the food as well. They have Brian Fisher as their head Chef. He comes from a Michelin-starred restaurant.

With catchy appetizer names like AC Sliders, Mac & Screech and entrees Tori’s Fried Chicken or Preppy BLT your taste buds will be delighted.

Their cocktails have catchy names like Mark Paul 75 and The Last Dance. My best advice, save room for dessert and be prepared to take home a doggy bag.

Hope you Preppies enjoy your time at Saved By The Max!
*Nothing was exchanged for my review

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