The Right Cup

Drinking water can be a struggle. Some people find it challenging to drink 8 ounces in one day, when in reality we should be drinking more. One day I was researching about tricks on how to drink more water when I stumbled upon The Right Cup.

“The Right Cup is the first ever fruit flavor cup that leads your brain to believe the plain water you are drinking is flavored.
Trick your brain, drink more water.”-The Right Cup

The Right Cup is a perfect solution to get your daily water intake. It tricks your body into thinking you are drinking something other than water, just by smell. After a week of trying it, I have found it really works. I have truly found “the right cup”.


Here are a few tips:

  • The scent is very strong and can be a little intimidating at first.I would suggest to give it a day to let it air out and the scent will decipate.
  • Let the water sit in the cup for some time in order for it to take affect. Pouring the water into the cup and drinking right away really does nothing.
  • The Right Cup comes in several flavors: mixed berry, orange, apple, peach and coming soon cola
  • You can Order here

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