Rowing with my homies

Hello, my name is Tanya and I am a LulaRoe addict. LulaRoe is a network based clothing line. Meaning it is not found in stores, but through a representative

When you’re roeing and didn’t take a home pic 🙂

LulaRoe is so soft and it is smooth like butter! Remember the feeling of putting on a pair of your sweats ion with a fresh shaved leg? Feels so soft and smooth like butter right? That is how you will feel when you wear their clothing. 

Floral print

Here are a few things to know about LulaRoe:

  1. Their leggings ​come in two sizes One size (fits 0-12) & Tall and curvy (fits 12-24)
  2. They make their patterns limited meaning grab it if you see it, chances are they didn’t make an abundance of them. It also helps the “who wore it best?” with your bestie.
  3. there is not a catalog where you can order from
  4. your representative will not know what will be in their shipment.
  5.  They also make skirts, shirts, shawls and dresses. The price point is $25.00 and higher. 

Love my piano leggings

Another fun note, on Facebook there are a lot of Facebook groups where you can find LulaRoe “pop up shops”.  If you’d like to start shopping, I recommend Amanda Marshall! She will get you get you roeing!

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