Hot Dog! A Mickey Chart for the kids.

As the kids say these days TBH. Well, here’s my to be honest moment. I love being a Mom, I truly do. This isn’t the generic, “being a Mom is great” and secretly hate it. I feel that my children have made me better and I am more secure with myself . 

Being a Mom is hard. I juggle between being a referee, “George don’t hit your big brother.” To a nurse, “hold still while we disinfect and add a band aid”. To being a Mom, ” I love you so much!”. It’s not easy and it is tiring but I wouldn’t trade it. My oldest is 4 he has great manners, very caring and funny. Everyone loves being around him. This only makes his stubborn streaks harder to handle. 

My husband and I discussed daily what is the best way to handle these moments. We were becoming exhausted with solutions. I’ve done the time out where we wait for the timer to go off and you are out of time out. I have tried he “sit on the step until the timer goes out.” I have had the “go to your room until the timer goes out” they worked but it was like he had amnesia the next time we’d be at it again.
I had a play date at Thomas’s friends house when I noticed a Mickey Chart on her fridge. I asked her about it and what do you know, she’s having the same issue with her 4 year old. She told me about her chart and how it’s working for her and her husband. I thought it was a sign from Walt Disney himself.
Thomas was excited about having this chart, partially because it was Mickey and the other part was he knew seeing green meant good things. I have to say this chart works! Thomas can tell you what the colors mean, green is great, orange is danger you’re close to red, and red is not good and we get a timeout. When he’s green he gets a “special treat.” That could be anything from, watching a show before bed, getting a junk food snack before the healthy choice, sometimes we might go out to eat. It’s even helped pump him up for the day. We always wake up green and I remind him to stay green today. He even takes accountability and when I pick him up from daycare he will tell me what day he had today. Im not a certified Dr. but this method is what has worked for us.

Special thanks to my girl MP for showing me this!

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