Kiss My Airs

I recently had the opportunity to do a special night run with NRC (Nike Run Club) in celebration of the new Nike Air VaporMax running shoe that was launching on Air Max Day (March 26th).

img_2909What is Air Max Day?  Air Max Day is a celebration of the shoe that began in 1987. Since then 3.26 has been known as Air Max day and this year marked its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, Nike has thrown events throughout the month of March which included the launch of VaporMax, which is the strongest Air Nike has ever released.

img_2704-1On March 25th a select group was invited to do a special 2 mile run in the VaporMax to celebrate it launching on March 26th. We were told that our destination will be an event named Sneakeasy.

It was a party to celebrate this glorious shoe. Nike did not release their location to us or to the public ahead of time. Nike released the address of the Sneakeasy on twitter at a specific time. Those who are lucky enough to get there will be joined us for this private event.

I put on my Vapor Max and hoped they would be good to me as we journey together towards their birthday party. They did not disappoint, after I laced up my shoe I was elevated on a cloud of air.  Nike removed the foam layer; it allowed the new mid sole to create flexibility and spring to them. It felt like my feet never touched the ground. The shoe hugged my foot and allowed me to feel secure in them. As I ran throughout the streets I felt very comfortable and could have ventured longer than the 2 miles without jeopardizing my comfort.

After the run was complete we freshened up and entered the event that had displays of previous Nike Air Max. As I take it all in and listen to the music being pumped loud, I notice the DJ booth, and a stage next to it. I decided to make front stage my spot for the night and I am glad I did. Around 9 pm Chance the Rapper walked right by me and took a seat. He was in attendance to show support to his brother, Taylor Bennett.  He was our guest of honor, he entertained us with music from his latest album Restoration of An American Idol as well as some of his older hits. It was a historical night for a historical shoe.

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