VR experience at the Kalahari

My family and I recently stayed at the Kalahari Resort located in Wisconsin Dells. The Kalahari has a lot to offer, from their water park to an Indoor Theme Park. We decided that one of our nights we would experience Arena-The Ultimate Virtual Gaming Experience.  I have never experienced a virtual reality game and was excited and nervous to play.

When you walk into the Arena you are placed in a briefing room. Here you will be briefed on how to play the game, what to expect and how to maximize your fun. There will be a lot of information thrown at you so make sure you don’t get distracted by your company, or you will miss some valuable information that may affect your safety.

After the briefing is over the game master (person in charge of your whole experience) will give you your gear and walk you through how to operate it.  I will say that it is a little heavy so be prepared. Also, if you have long hair, bring a hair tie to pull it back so it won’t get caught in the gear.

Now that you are geared up you are ready to enter the warehouse which is powered by Zero Latency. When you enter the space, you notice the room is a grid and within the grid are colored circles. You will be instructed by the game master where to stand. Once everyone is settled into their spaces you will begin the experience.

When the game turned out I was automatically transformed into a colorful world with dimensions and twists and turns. I will not go into a lot of detail, I do not want to spoil this for you. I will tell you there were times when I was upside down, running on edges and even underwater.

The whole experience was a lot of fun and the 30 minutes we spent on the mission I felt went by it was a lot of fun! helps work on communication skills.  Next time you visit The Dells, make sure you add The Kalahari on your list.

Extra information(courtesy of the Kalahari.com)

  • Free-roaming, warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality gaming experience
  • 2nd location in the United States
  • Multi-player adventures allow up to 6 people to explore, conquer, and challenge one another for high-scores and skill evaluations, all tracking in real-time
  • Multiple games for participants to choose from


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