I am honored to be called Wife by my Husband and Mommy by my two little boys (7 and 4). My lovely immediate family is full of love, but are divided by sports. Chicago Bears fans vs Minnesota Vikings. Chicago Cubs versus Minnesota Twins, Chicago Bulls versus Minnesota Timberwolves. Those are just the easy ones to explain, there are fantasy leagues and other fun things that keep my blood pressure at a high and my head fresh with statistics so I can have a witty comeback. I have two older brothers who know their stuff, so I have to come prepared. My little Sister and I are divided over who is the best Pop act around Whitney Houston for myself and Michael Jackson for herself. I am blessed with the an awesome squad of friends, who put up with my Britney Spears obsession and new food adventures and trends. It is with their support I am able to stumble and laugh my way through this wonderful crazy thing called life!
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Abbey’s at The Abbey Resort and Avani Spa

How should I celebrate my son starting kindergarten? I knew I wanted to go away, but not too far from home. I didn’t want us to be in a big city, and I wanted to make sure we could spend quality time together without a lot of distractions. The Abbey Resort and Avani Spa was exactly what I was looking for.


THE JOKER is unleashed and makes no apologies

I was recently invited to Six Flags Great America‘s media day to celebrate the opening of their 15th roller coaster officially named THE JOKER Free Flyer Coaster.  Six Flags unleashed chaos into the Yankee Harbor section and placed it next to his nemesis BATMAN. As you walk towards THE JOKER it is hard to miss…