Jo Koy killed my abs

I recently had the opportunity to see Jo Koy live during his sold out Break the Mold Tour. Tanya AbbeyIf you are not familiar with Jo Koy (say what?!) let me give you a brief introduction of one of the funniest comedians!


  • Jo Koy is of Filipino and European-American descent
  • He began his stand-up career in 1994
  • In 2005, he came one of a select few comics to receive a standing ovation on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.You know the expression, “I couldn’t make this up if I tried.” We all have thought, “I could make a show out of this.” Jo Koy does just that. He takes snippets of his life and makes you not only realize you can relate, but you are laughing so hard your abs will get a workout. Jo Koy has a son named Joseph. For our sake I hope he just hangs around his Dad more, because the material he gets from him alone is pure genius. Who would think laughing at their child questioning their genetic makeup could be so funny? When he talks about how he grew up, his mother is the main source of his comedic delivery. His mother is Filipino and wasn’t a soft mom to Jo. One of his stories is about how he forgot his lunch at home, called his mom and she told him SIC “too bad”. Why, am I laughing so hard about this story? If a random person told me this, I might feel bad for them. I might even question the mother on why is she so cruel? Jo Koy does the opposite with his comedic skills. He not only has you feeling so sorry for him, but also allows you to laugh at how his mom treated him. Jo Koy flips stereotypes on their head and allows us all to feel ok that we are a stereotype. He also walks you through it.img_2751

During his sold out show that I attended at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan IL. I felt as if it was just him and I. He is so good with making eye contact with the audience. He picked out a member of the audience. He got his name learned about him and all throughout the show kept speaking to him off and on. For that time they were besties. That is another quality that I appreciate about Jo Koy. He is a big time guy, but so humble and down to earth. He makes you feel comfortable for being you and he doesn’t have a big ego. At the end of his show, he yelled “I am coming to you, take out your phones”. How many acts have you seen where that is allowed? Usually you have to hide your phone and make a screen play on how to get it out and get a selfie at the same time. Jo, walked around the theater and took img_2737pictures and made sure you had a good shot! As I was walking out, there he was again where the merchandise was being sold taking more selfies. Just when you thought ok that was it, it wasn’t.

He went outside where his Marquee was and took more pictures. He thanked his fans and went onto his after show meet and greet with fans. If you’re kicking yourself because you missed an opportunity to see him live, don’t’ worry.

img_2752He has a special on Netflix where you can experience him. Start following him on Instagram. He does daily stories and his feed is filled with his daily shenanigans. Pay attention to when he comes to your town next, you will not be sorry.

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Your mission: Visit Safehouse Chicago

I was recently given a mission by Agent Eyelash to meet at the newest SafeHouse located in Chicago. Upon arrival, we were greeted by two agents in a main room. They did not believe we were sent by a fellow agent. They asked us for a password, that we did not have. Instead of granting us passage, we had to stand along the wall and do a hula dance to allow entry.
After the agent was satisfied with our performance, a hidden door slid open and we followed the stairs down to the bottom. Once we arrived on the floor we were greeted with applause as we officially entered the safe house. Here another agent checked us in and gave us a list of missions that we could complete while we waited for our table to be ready. Do these missions! They’ll allow you to explore SafeHouse in it’s entirety.

Agent Lost Girl was assigned to our table to make sure all our needs were met and gave us our “dossier,” a.k.a the menu. We started with their crafty concoction Spies Demise. It was a delicious martini and a great start to our meal. Our appetizer (Nachos Camp Stanley), was aso delicious. It was made with fresh hand made tortilla chips, loaded with their secret housemade cheese sauce with cheddar, pepper jack and american cheese. You may also add beef or chicken. My entrée, Mata Hari’s Meatloaf, was one of their many items made from scratch. We decided to conclude our meal with Fat Bastard, a brownie ice cream sundae with a sparkler.

Safehouse Chicago does not want a lot information leaked to the public. They want to ensure you have a wonderful experience. As an enlisted agent, I do have to follow orders the boss has set. I cannot give you the location either. I do believe you are a well skilled agent and will be able to find the SafeHouse Chicago. You never know, I may be those eyes you see moving behind the frame.

Notes found on Agent Tanya’s napkin:
Come hungry, the portions are a fair size

Fun in numbers, bring as many friends/family as you can

It is kid friendly, bring them with

It’s ok to touch things

Lose yourself in the experience

This will erase in 5,4,3,2……

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